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  • plugin/editor - [*2016-02-12 (Fri) 07:07:52 David : Could you ask her to call me? <a href=" ">vitaxim cost</a> Waiting outside the school for Diane, Kate calls Meg to complain about Diane但s accusations. She instantly calls her stepson a horn dog, not realizing it但s actually Bert on the other end. Kate then sees Hillary and her friends. Upon walking up to them, she realizes that Hillary has used the vodka in a water bottle idea. Hillary begs Kate not to tell Diane. So, to keep Hillary out of trouble, Kate downs an entire water bottle of vodka. Obviously unable to drive, Kate lies to Diane about not being able to find her car keys. Thus, Kate ends up drunk in Diane但s backseat.]
  • はじめに。 - [*新規作成時のページ名は、{{as_is("(School)")}}xxxxxxとする。]
  • RP村会議室 - [コメント欄に書くには長い!という場合には、BBS形式の''[[ノート|Note-(School)Conference]]''も使えます。]
  • まとめサイトへの要望 - [コメント欄に書くには長い!という場合には、BBS形式の''[[ノート|Note-(School)Request]]''も使えます。]
  • 人狼議事教室 - [コメント欄に書くには長い!という場合には、BBS形式の''[[ノート|Note-(School)Classroom]]''も使えます。]
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