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  • 二重スパイ - [**「[[勝利判定|]]」→「[[事件の発生|]]」となっているため、即時終了ではない。詳しくは「処理順」を参照。]
  • 妖精の輪 - [**「[[勝利判定|]]」→「[[事件の発生|]]」となっているため、即時終了ではない。詳しくは「処理順」を参照。]
  • plugin/editor - [*2016-02-12 (Fri) 07:03:57 Francis : Yes, I play the guitar <a href=" ">mojohard pills cost</a> The value of the ChesMMAP dataset extends beyond the currentstudy. &#8220;Our work provides a 10-year frame of reference that can be used toevaluate future large-scale changes in the composition, distribution, andabundance of the Bay&#8217;s demersal fish community,&#8221; says Latour. &#8220;Continuedmonitoring will be critical for detecting how the Bay ecosystem responds tocontinued stresses from fishing, development, and climate change. It&#8217;s anessential component to a successful management strategy for the marineresources of Chesapeake Bay and the coastal Atlantic.&#8221;]
  • 処理順 - [!!2. 事件の発生 {{anc event}}]
  • 役職・恩恵・事件の一覧 - [{{quote_page('(Event)')}}]
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